2020 Image Competition

Stay tuned for updated rules, categories, and jury members!


AIM Image Competition

2019 Competition Information

Animal  photographers often get frustrated when listening to a competition jury discuss animal images because many jurors don’t always understand how light reflects differently in an animal’s eyes, or how their snouts are different from a human nose in respect to blocking part of an eye or breaking the line of a cheek.  This is your chance to take part in a  competition made up of animal images only, and judged by a jury of  trained professionals who KNOW animals!  Start getting your images ready - this  is going to be fun!  

2019 Event categories includes:

1. Dogs

2. Cats

3. Equine

4. Other Domestic Animals

5. Wild Animals

6. Baby Animals

7. Animals and their Humans


2020 rules are coming soon!  Stay tuned.