AIM 2020 Speaker Team

Monica vander Maden (PreCon)


PreCon:  The Dreamy/Dramatic Location Portrait

Spend the morning with Monica van der Maden to learn her techniques for creating dramatic animal portraits on location. Discuss how to plan your session including choosing the location, time of the day, and what equipment works best for your desired look. Use those skills working side-by-side with her on location to photograph a dog.

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Monica vander Maden


Editing the Dreamy/Dramatic Portrait

Bring your work to the next level with Monica van der Maden’s editing techniques for her dramatic

portraits. Using the images photographed in her pre-conference workshop, Monica will show us how she goes from raw to “awe!”. Master a style like you’ve never seen before, and bring your images to a new place for your clients.

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Tim Flach


How We Might Evoke Empathy with Animal Portraiture

Tim will be discussing his body of work, as well as how animals can be depicted in a way that can connect us with them, and evoke empathy, potentially leading to conservation


Visual Theories and Iconic Imagery

Tim has always been fascinated by how and why certain images have become iconic, and what they have in common. He is going to explore perceptual theories around luminance and colour, left gaze bias, and composition.

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Additional speakers coming soon!

Be sure you check back soon as we put together the rest of the 2020 AIM Speaker Team.