AIM 2020 Speaker Team

Tim Flach


How We Might Evoke Empathy

with Animal Portraiture

Tim will be discussing his body of work, as well as how animals can be depicted in a way that can connect us with them, and evoke empathy, potentially leading to conservation


++ PLUS ++

Visual Theories and Iconic Imagery

Tim has always been fascinated by how and why certain images have become iconic, and what they have in common. He is going to explore perceptual theories around luminance and colour, left gaze bias, and composition.

Terran Bayer


Relationship Storytelling:

Pets and Their People
If you’re like Terran, you got into pet photography to photograph pets, not people. But something truly beautiful happened when she realized that photographing pets with their people opened a whole new dimension to her art, the dogs’ expressions, and the joy her clients felt when they viewed their photos. From more posed portraits to creating magazine-worthy lifestyle images full of emotion that are sure to wow any client, this course is designed to crack open some creativity with simple, actionable techniques to help ease you into working with pets and their people so you can truly tell the stories of the relationships they share. Terran will also discuss adapting in challenging situations with limited resources so you’ll be prepared to create memorable images no matter what life throws at you.

Barbara Brady-Smith


Studio Bird Photography

Photographing birds in a studio is exciting and the imagery captured is stunning! This seminar will help you fast track the development of your own bird photography skills in a safe and creative way. Specific topics include:

- An overview of Barbara's personal journey from photographing sitting birds to hosting gallery exhibitions of photographs of birds in flight.

- Information about the bird market

- How to prepare your studio to safely photograph birds

- Client/bird preparation and seasonal considerations

- The process

- Post Processing

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Kimberly Buccheri + Bud Thorpe


High Ticket, Low Volume: Enjoy the benefits of the high-end customer experience

Join Kim and Bud in this animated talk as they describe their business model and sales process. They will share how they leveraged their low-volume business to get their lives back and created a luxe customer-centric brand in the process. Learn how they adopted ‘service equals selling’ and how this partner pair averages $5,000 per sale year round. They will share their complete client experience and process, right down to the china patterns, and how they learned that creating great images is just the starting point for their successful business. They will give you solid actions that you can incorporate into your business to get more time back to enjoy life while reaping the benefits of higher sales averages and higher customer satisfaction.

Terri Cage


Working with Horses: Posing and Safety for the Photographer

Join equine photographer extraordinaire Terri Cage as she walks you through how to work safely and efficiently around horses. She will go into detail as to how she introduces off-camera lighting to horses and will explain posing a horse and their owner together for a fast and safe session. You can also expect to learn what angles look best for a horse and what equipment you should be using while photographing. Terri will demonstrate items that work well in getting a horse’s expression, will show you ways to get creative with your posing, and what images sell.

Mark Fitzgerald


Lightroom for Photoshop Users - Getting the Most From Adobe's Photography Ecosystem
Most professional animal photographers rely on Photoshop to fine-tune special images.  But a workflow that depends solely on Photoshop misses opportunities for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.  The goal of this program is to expose experienced and novice Photoshop users to a powerful workflow that helps them get the most of their editing workflow while taking advantage of the power of the modern Lightroom/Photoshop ecosystem.

Art Harris


The Photographer's Workout

You met personal trainer Art last year while modeling for the posing class.  This year, he's back to lead two morning workouts, geared specifically for photographers.  Discuss the benefits of meditation, breathing and awareness, participate in a moderate workout, and learn proper form and stretching exercises.

Jo Howell


The Golden Couch

Join Jo Howell and her Golden Couch - a live shoot showing how to pose people and animals with one piece of furniture, showing variety and interest, and of course, tips on how to get your subjects to co-operate. Jo will also share a slideshow which shows hows to find the beauty in every location including images of how the area looks and then how the final images look, with explanations of how the results were achieved.  

Adam Jones


Wildlife Photography

  This internationally recognized photographer explores the world through his nature, travel, and wildlife images. Jones’s award-winning photography is widely published in magazines, posters, calendars, books, and in national advertising campaigns for clients such as Canon, Ford, Eddie Bauer, Miller Beer and Honda.  Adam is recognized world wide as an outstanding stock photographer with his images represented by Getty Images, Photo Researchers, and Danita Delimont Stock Photography. His work has sold for editorial and commercial uses in over 30 countries. 

Sponsored by Canon

Helen Jurchisin


Dog Safety, Behavior and Body Language

Back by popular demand, Dr. Jurchisin will help you learn how to recognize early signs of fear, anxiety and stress in your canine clients to keep you and your staff safe.  Due to the importance of safety and the raving reviews we had in 2019, we decided to bring Dr. Jurchisin back to give her program again.

Jenika McDavitt


Marketing Without Fear

Marketing creates fear in two people:  Yourself and the person you are trying to reach.  You're busy wondering things like "Am I doing this wrong"  Am I annoying everyone? When will I turn a corner?"  Meanwhile, your potential client is afraid their pets won't "cooperate", that they aren't ready, that they don't know enough or have enough, plus what if people think they are weird for wanting professional photographs of their pet?  This presentation teaches you how to take the fear out of marketing - on both sides.

Holly Montgomery


How to Network and Create Valuable Partnerships as an Introverted DogTog

Holly will be sharing how she’s used her strengths as an introvert to build a valuable network of business partnerships and relationships in her industry. Introverts and extroverts alike will gain insight on how to reach out to and build rapport with entrepreneurs in their own markets.

Kim Stephenson


 Becoming a Cat Whisperer
Do you often hear people say "You won't be able to get any good images of my cat. He just won't cooperate." Do you feel like you are spending all your time herding cats when you do a cat session? Many people think of the cat as independent, aloof, mischievous and clever. In truth, like the dog, every cat's personality is unique. Some are shy and timid, some are bold and curious and everything in-between. This session will explore how to get their attention, handling scaredy cats, how to read cat body language, cats versus kittens and more.

Craig Turner-Bullock


If in Doubt, Apply More Glitter!

Take a journey with Craig to hear why being different can pave the way to your success.  Hear from him the importance of being authentic and why embracing your own magic and sparkle can define your own unique style.  Craig will help you find ways to put your own unique style into what you do, from marketing to shooting and client experience. 

Monica vander Maden


Editing the Dreamy/Dramatic Portrait
Bring your work to the next level with Monica van der Maden’s editing techniques for her dramatic portraits. Using the images photographed in her pre-conference workshop, Monica will show us how she goes from raw to "awe"!  Master a style like you've never seen before, and bring your images to a new place for your clients.

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